Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunday Funday

It was 7:30 A.M. and I was watching Nacho slowly wake up.  Elise went ahead to eat so when Rene joins her downstairs, he could watch out for her while she swims in the pool.  I poked Nacho gently,"Let's go, let's play ball in the beach. Wake up...." He wanted to play with his ball last night, but was reminded that balls are not allowed to bounce in the room."

He opened his eyes and said,"Okay." He got dressed and we went down.

Elise was already in the pool, practicing her breathing.

Rene was done eating too and was reading TIME while watching out for her.  This was beginning to be a morning habit.  I am glad, because Elise is learning how to swim by herself.  She is getting so dark, though.  After trying to convince Nacho to eat, he went off with Rene without any real breakfast.  I thought I could give him more food later, since little boys survive on nibbles at age three.

I could hear father and son kicking and catching the ball in the beach. Then later, I saw Rene holding Nacho by the hand, and head upstairs. Elise had been in the pool an hour, so I asked her to come out.  She gave a little squeal and pointed behind me.  Nacho was dressed in his swimsuit and so was Rene!  "Yaaay! More time to swim!!!  And Daddy's coming too!!!"

I sat around for a bit. I did not really feel like swimming. Told Rene I'd be back in an hour and said bye to the kids.

I walked around and remembered that there were some mountain bikes for rent at the front. I picked out a yellow one (with the lowest seat) and tried out the gears. Perfect.  I began pedaling towards the bike trail.

There was a short and quick sandy part where I had to pedal extra hard.  Then the soil began to show.  The trail was littered with small rocks, pebbles and some gravel.

We've been here for about two and a half months and I never wandered towards this part before.  A part of the lagoon was bordered with cemented rocks.

I stopped to take in the sights.  Everything was so rough, so wild and so lush. Despite the El Nino, there was still a lot of green.... just the dry sort of green.  I can't wait till the wet season when they would all turn bright green.

It was so quiet. There were weird birdcalls every now and then.  The leaves were brushing against each other.  I looked up and saw a dog's head....

Biking farther to end of the property, there were some parked boats. 

One was leaning against a tree, probably for the seawater to drip out so the boat can dry it out properly.

After several rounds, many stops to just stare at trees, roots, boats, critters.... and to listen and smell everything, I decided to go back and help Rene get the kids out of the pool.

They were not there. I went up to the room and they were in their fresh clothes, eating some snacks.  Galing ni Daddy!  Elise looked up and asked me,"Did you have a good time?"


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