Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

Where were you when the lights were shut off last Saturday?

Rene, Elise, Nacho and I were at Baker's Hill having a warm dinner of pork sinigang, korean beef stew and chicken barbecue.  The cool night was perfect with the hushing breeze blowing the trees around us.  We took a short walk around the hill and savored some cold and yummy sago't gulaman just before we went home.

It was pitch black, and almost everyone in Puerto Princesa showed support for Earth Day...until we happened upon Leslie's (a branch of the famous restaurant in Tagaytay).  The whole place was sparkling with yellow lights, announcing to all that they were still open, but shamelessly ignoring what the special hour stands for. Unfortunately, they were not part of the 1,000 localities who took the message to heart.


When we got home, we sat outside and was entranced by the full moon.  The kids hopped on the rocks and dead corals, ran around chasing each other and drew figures on the sand.  Meanwhile, I tried to take a decent photo of the majestic moonlight with my handy mobile phone: Sony Ericsson G900 5-megapixel camera.

Not bad. 

The capiz lights on the mangrove tree have been turned on.  The lights were back.  

Happy Earth Hour, everyone!

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