Sunday, March 7, 2010

Four Hours of Alone Time

I attended a recollection today, and did not realize that the last one I ever went to was in January 2005. Today was the culmination of this week's ordeal of pulling my different selves together: the wife, the mother and the Filipino citizen.  Today, I likened myself to an uprooted plant that has transferred gardens.  It is taking some time for my roots to hold on to the new soil.  And somehow, God has hoed around me (ouch!) and put enough s**t (manure) beneath me to fertilize me.  At last, I am stretching my arms out, breathing the wonderful air, and smiling at the sunshine --- ready to photosynthesize! 

I got to chat with some ladies about how far we were on our lot/house search.  We have seen several but none of them seemed right yet.  One of them said that her sister previously planned to build a house on a place near Baker's Hill and Mitra Ranch at Barangay Sta. Monica.  There are many nice houses already there.  But her sister moved to the States and is selling two 500-square meter lots. She is willing to sell one, or both, and told us that perhaps she could give it to us less than the published rate!

Sta. Monica.... this was the village that my aunt and uncle were looking for when they were here last year.  The tricycle drivers did not know where it was.  But he read somewhere that it is a good neighborhood. I am so excited. I hope this is The One.

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