Friday, February 9, 2018


I have not been to El Nido since November 2011.  In fact, I have not written on this blog in years.  But a friend of mine posted a really good itinerary for those who want to go spend time in El Nido, and it's too good not to share! 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Active Fun at the City Hall

It's been several months since I've written anything about our Palawan adventure and too many things have happened to catch up.  

So where are we RIGHT NOW, at this instant?  

We are the new City Hall overlooking Puerto Princesa Bay.  

Doing what? 

Trying out our bikes, scooters and skateboards! 

When we get braver, we'll go down this trail... 

Earth Hour 2015

The cloudy night was dotted with stars but the half moon brightened up the beachfront well anyway.  

The electric power in the entire Puerto Princesa is now off in support of Earth Hour.  The hotel we are in did not even turn on the generator and the guests are out in the beach enjoying a dinner buffet  of grilled dishes.  

So calm and peaceful and breezy. Will just rest on the hammock.  Wake me up when it's time to sleep.... 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Officially Chapter Two of Our Adventure

And so R arrived in July, for good. 

2014 is ending in a few weeks, our family will begin again, sinking bigger roots into this beautiful island as we mark several milestones. 

The house we have been renting since 2012 has officially become ours.

Since July, we have been setting up a playgroup for 2 to 4 year olds in a quaint little house right in the village where we live.  

We are getting a Huskita puppy.  She has been with relatives in Manila since end of September when she turned 3 months old.   By the time we get her, she'll be 6 months old!

Things will change a lot in a few weeks! 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Sleepless in Puerto

is arriving 5:30A.M. on the earliest Cebu Pacific flight tomorrow.  

The kids and I have planned it.  Because we missed him SO SO SO much, we're heading straight to White Fence Country Cafe for some REAL crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy waffles, hash browns, pancakes, sausages.... 

By the way, they also have really GOOD pizza! 

Really good thin crust pizza happily served with Parmesan cheese and hot chili flakes!! (Their menu is online.)

But I digress. 

They've never been separated from him this long before.  It's been a record-breaking two months. This week the kids  had a countdown. 

And a "Welcome home, Daddy!" sign in the dining room! 

They'd probably sleep early tonight because we had a busy day in town - dentist appointment, piano lessons, math tutorials and grocery shopping.  We had an early dinner and were ready to sleep before 8:00p.m.  We said our prayers and they were knocked out by 8:30pm!  (Ah, if only every night would be like this! ). I enjoyed the quiet time doing some paperwork till about 11:30p.m..... then... N walked out of his room wiide awake.  He watched me work, and a few minutes later, E came out too.... 

So, at 1:15a.m., they're snacking on some cookies and milk while I pretend to sleep so they'll follow soon.  

At 1:45a.m., they are still hungry and are moving on to the cold taho that we bought this afternoon. 

I can still hear them discussing that in an hour, R will be leaving for NAIA 3.  In another hour or so, he will be boarding the plane on the way to us!  

They doublecheck their alarms and are still talking about biking with Daddy, and going to te beach with Daddy, watching.  X-Men and Maleficient with Daddy, and joking with Daddy, and laughing with Daddy....  

I have to sleep now. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Destination: Palawan!

So, we've been gone for ten months.  

We had one major project before we left- we brought Trumpets Musical Theater to Palawan.  45 students signed up for a two-week workshop filled with learning theater techniques through play.  We even had 3 students who were sponsored by generous hearts from Manila!  A few days after the recital, we left for Manila.  

It was a work assignment that brought R back to the city, and of course, we went with him.   Despite our resistance, it was the best thing that could have happened when it did because we needed to be there for our family during the one time that we were needed the most, ever.  

We lived out of a few suitcases, knowing that we'd go back to get more of our things if we ended up relocating again.  Kids became restless.  Our dream life haunted us.  We were growing older way too fast and time was running out to make it happen. 

Patiently, we waited.  We kept nurturing our dream, one step at a time.  We percolated our ideas and expanded our network.  Then - we took a deep breath - took several deep breaths, clasped our hands and hearts together as one family, and got ready to free fall into the beautiful and bright abyss that would embrace us and launch us back into the bright sky, past the clouds towards the sun!!!! 

In other words, we decided to go back to Puerto Princesa. 

Amidst the house and car maintenance, settling back into our homeschooling routine, reconnecting with good friends, the universe is converging... Our prayers are being answered so generously, beyond our expectations and hope!  

Soon, we will really Be Home again. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Love Affair With Nature

We've been sadly missing this annual February 14 event every year for various reasons.  Finally, this year, we deliberately made plans to join the citizens of Puerto Princesa City in planting mangroves along the coastline to express our love for nature --- in fact, our love for Puerto Princesa, which has been our home for the past three years.

Conveniently as well, Mangrove Ecosystems was Elise's lesson in her Science home school program for February.  So we had a stronger reason for participating!  We set off, along with another family, at 4:30A.M. to Pook Silangan in Barangay Tagburos, a small coastal fishing village.

When we got there, three priests just finished celebrating Holy Mass by the beach for a huge crowd.  

We hurriedly registered and got our mangrove seedlings.   They were packed in small black bags.  We proudly carried them over to the areas which were assigned for planting. 

As we walked towards the mangrove planting area, we saw many other people walking too.  We were all silent, overwhelmed by the dramatic sky, the cool breeze, the shadows and the rising sun.  This was indeed an expression of love for nature -- walking on the shore with family and friends at the break of dawn to do our part to save the coastline from eroding and eventually protecting them from storms and building a sturdy mangrove ecosystem.  So, we marched on. 


We found some marked spots and got some help with planting our seedlings.
The city government offices like the City Tourism Office and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources sent their staff and managers to plant and help out. Even the PNP and the Philippine Navy were there.

Private organizations were there too! 

Locals like us were lingering even after planting several seedlings.

Back at the beach, we caught a glimpse of Mayor Edward Hagedorn officiating a free mass wedding for about a hundred couples. 


Around the bend, some dancers were getting ready for the festivities..... 

We spent around an hour and a half there, feeling connected to the community.  We left Tagburos knowing that we helped saved the coastline by planting at least six or seven mangrove trees there. 

We love you, Puerto Princesa!