Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To Market, To Market

One very hot Saturday afternoon, the kids and I accompanied Rene to the vegetable and handicrafts section of the Old Market in Barangay San Jose.  He needed to buy rattan hammocks and bamboo blinds.

As we alighted from the cool and tinted air conditioned van, a dry, warm breeze gently touched our faces.  I was a bit surprised that it was not as scorching hot as I thought.  It was not humid.

The time was 2:00P.M., and there wasn't much to buy.

There were huge woven baskets that could carry me inside across town...

...and medium sized baskets of different shapes hanging overhead.

Langka!  Nacho couldn't get enough of the rough  skin.

A banana stand!  Nacho loves bananas best among all the fruits he's tasted so far.  Lakatan, latundan...


"Mama, there are red bananas too?"

Stalls upon stalls of ampalaya, side by side were along the dirt road.

SO many pineapples too!  Funny picture, because Nacho and I were wearing blue too.

Fresh garlic and nice, hard, pungent shallots.

Ginisang ampalaya, turon with langka and pineapple juice! 

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