Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our Lot

I thought the Sta. Monica lot would be The One.  It was near Baker's Hill where the kids could play.  It was near the main road.  There were beautiful houses nearby.  Rene suspected that they were vacation houses, since they were padlocked. He was wary about buying the lot since there would be times when we would need to be home alone at night without him, and we did not have immediate neighbors.  Also, Sta. Monica was filled with rolling hills, and most lots had a good view of Honda Bay.  This was behind two other empty lots filled with trees and was just flat, with no view and no elevation.  Another downside was that the road going to the lot was still pure soil.  It might be very muddy during the wet season. I still liked it, nevertheless. But we had to look at some others.

The lot in Abanico Road had a view of the sea. Very nice. But it was too far from Rene's work. And besides, I had been trying to contact the number on the poster board, and all I ever got was a fax tone.

Then Tita Myrna showed us another lot that was five minutes away from Rene's work.  I liked it because it had a nice rectangular shape.  It was between two existing properties with nipa huts and sari-sari stores, and there were a lot of people passing.  It was on the main road where all the vehicles pass. Rene would just have to be dropped off when he goes home to us.  He liked the perfectly rectangular shape too. But when he saw the surrounding area, he remembered that the locals there made a roadblock made of rocks the first few months the hotel was in operation.  Even if the hotel donated all the lamp posts that lighted the road, and was the main reason why the land in San Jose has appreciated more than a hundred percent., they were not happy with the development.   The fishermen could not cross over anymore and had to go around the property because of the high walls. Also, it was not a free for all beach anymore. It was now a private beach.   If we build our house there and they find out that we are the manager's family, they might not treat us too well.  He wished that the lot was a few streets down, a little farther away from the negative vibes. 

Tita Myrna knew someone who was selling another lot a few streets away too, next to a small inn.  She strongly discouraged us to even look at it because during the rainy season, it floods a bit there, as part of the road descends.  So, scrap this possibility out.

I mentioned to her that Elise is going to the nearby private school, and it would be nice if we lived around the vicinity.  The very next day, she called and said that her relative owned a large 4,000 square meter lot that could be divided and sold to whoever wants to buy a piece of it.  She said it was in front of the school entrance, between a big mango orchard and a house. 

When Elise, Nacho and I went to the school two days later for Elise to take the achievement test for entrance to the school in June, we took a look.  It was indeed right in front of the school entrance, between a big mango orchard and a house! The frontage was less than 10 meters from the school gate. Elise was already planning to have her classmates over for snacks.

We have been talking about it these past few days and think that it could be a good location since there were already a few residents in the area, it was fifteen minutes away from his work, and I could set up a home-based business beside our house.

Rene will look at it as soon as he is available, maybe Tuesday this week. The PBA all-star games will be held here in Puerto Princesa and some players are coming to visit!

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