Friday, April 23, 2010

Christmas in Summer

Just when we were missing our relatives back home in Manila, Rene arrived from his trip with huge box of thoughtfulness!

Tito Gregory sent a Spiderman inflatable boat with a steering wheel and a mask and snorkel set.  Cousin Nina, Mela and Tita Kathy sent some sparkly headbands, ponytail holders and an adorable Hello Kitty pen with a bright pink fluffy pompom.  Elise was giggling and smiling while she was writing, as the Hello Kitty head would light up as it pressed on the paper!  They even sent a white leather bracelet with her name spelled in bright decorated silver letters!

Tita Lisa sent "The Gruffalo's Child" storybook.  Nacho was wide-eyed with his mouth forming a small "o" as he listened to the story.  His eyebrows went higher and higher, and he almost did not want to finish it.  I hugged him as we slowly read the end of the book and he ended up loving it. Today, we will visit the website and do some activities.

Lisa also sent me some useful teaching books. A lot of what I do and how I do it are from her advice and her resources.  I will start reading them next week, when our schedule is a bit more relaxed.  (We have two big families visiting from Manila: 11 kids total.)

Lolo Greg and Lola Baby sent us preschool workbooks, instructional arts and crafts books for the summer and a notebook for each of the kids.  There was a small stapler with colored staples and a one-hole puncher that they used for the rest of the day, punching holes and making small pads with colorful staples!

Nacho was also sent a plastic bowling set.  He was busy playing with the golf set that got left behind before, when Elise held up the bowling set from Lola Baby.  He dropped the golf set, jumped up and down and exclaimed,"BOWLING!!! My FAAAVORIIITE!" He immediately set up an empty box behind the bowling pins, so when he hits them, they fall straight into the box, "like a real bowling thing!" Then he bowled away, knocking not just the pins, but everything else.   It was a riot in our room. But a good riot, since Rene is back and we felt the love and concern and thoughtfulness of everyone.

Rene brought one box of my favorite puto pao from Taytay, Rizal. Soft and sticky puto with adobo (pork cooked in vinegar, garlic and peppercorns) shreds and itlog na pula (salted red egg). They lasted for a week! Yummmmmmmmm.

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