Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Sky's Story is Never Told Twice

I do not remember ever taking time to look at the sky.  I was always busy driving to work, driving home, walking on sidewalks in the busy city.  Working, hurrying.

These days, when it is not too hot outside, I peek out the window to see what skyscape God has painted today.  If the sky is exciting, I take the kids with me for a short walk.

A few days ago, Nacho and I strolled on the Emerald Playa trail and circled the lagoon.

Nacho began his exploration...

...and came across this blue machine:

He wanted to climb it, but it was too rusty (I am a bit paranoid with rusty metal things.)

But I digress.  Back to the sky above us.

And even if I gaze at it for only a minute, the clouds continually move and the light and shade changes from moment to moment. 

I have taken hundreds of pictures of the sky, and when I do not bring my camera or even my camera phone, I get so frustrated when a beautiful piece of sky goes unrecorded.

Thank God for another day.

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