Sunday, April 11, 2010

Five Minutes Away

Three hours ago, we met the mother of a good friend here in Puerto, whose sister knew someone who was selling a piece of land.  The seller just recently decided to let go of the land and when my friend's mother was told about it, she immediately thought of us.  We met them after Mass at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral.

Guess where we ended up going? Back here. The lot was five minutes, maybe even less, from the entrance of this hotel.   It was a perfect rectangle, with a wide frontage, and lots of trees.  We could not see much, since it was already seven thirty in the evening.   It was right on the main road where we pass to get to the National Highway.  I think we can even walk there tomorrow to see it again.

I felt good about this site.  It was not too near the hotel, but near enough that we could run to it when needed.  And near enough for Rene not to be too far away from work.  And, a Robinsons Mall would open right at the end of that road at the corner of the National Highway.  In a few years, it would be quite developed.

It would not be so far from the hospital, nor the San Jose Church, which is only ten minutes away.  It would be very near the Elise's new school.  We would not have to go into town everyday.  There were also some neighbors already, so we will not be too secluded.  It was almost perfect.

I can already picture The Kitchen.  Red brick floor with a drain.  Wooden planks for shelves.  A double sink, a stone topped worktable. An oven that could bake ten squash breads or six chickens at the same time.  Hanging pots and pans. A sun roof.

There would be big sunny windows and a wooden door that would open to The Garden. The wall separating the kitchen from the garden shall be a glass and iron grill lined with small plants.  There would be a long grill and a white garden sink. A small canopy will be over a picnic table and this will be surrounded by upside down tomato plants and lots of hanging herbs, which would perfume the place. The whole garden would be in all shades of green and the fence around the house shall be wrapped in red and orange bouganvilla vines. There would be a hammock or two somewhere, and a small grotto for Our Lady of Fatima.   Flowers endemic to Palawan shall color the whole house, inside and out.  Of course, there has to be a small playhouse, above the ground, attached to a tree.

I am dreaming, of course.  This will take time. And that's just the kitchen and the garden.

On Wednesday, Rene will arrive from Manila, and we will take a look at the place together.  This may be It. 

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