Thursday, April 15, 2010

McCoy's Pizza House

McCoy's is on the National Highway on the way to town, and we finally stopped there one night to try it out.  It always looks so inviting from the outside because of its warm orange and red glow.

 The brown tiled floor and the rattan furniture gave a cozy feel to the place.  There were even some bucket seats around low tables.  Nacho fell asleep just before we arrived and it was a relief to set him down there so he would be comfortable.

Native wooden carvings, paintings and garlic wreathes  hung from the walls.

We discovered a cool condiment - Curry Geworz Ketchup, a product of The Netherlands.  It was a very mildly spiced  tomato based seasoning that brought out the flavor of the pizza.  So good! 

Our mushroom pizza arrived!

Super cheesy!

Our creamy Carbonara arrived as well. And Elise scraped everything off the plate. She is The Carbonara Monster and always orders Carbonara wherever there is Carbonara.

Service was prompt, but robotic. No smiles nor warmth, they just stand in front of you, take your order, set your table and bring your food. I guess they figured that the red and orange place was warm enough (wink!).  They had a very clean bathroom, and that is always a good thing. 

They have event posters on the inside part of their door, like summer pottery classes and concerts.  Shows good community spirit.  It would be better, though, if they had a designated wall for it.

We brought the rest of the pizza home.  We have since come back several times, and taken out food too.  Their Curry Pasta is pleasantly surprising with chicken breast in a light yellow curry sauce tossed with spaghetti noodles.  Cannot imagine it? I couldn't too, at first, but this easily became my favorite, and Nacho's too.  I heard that they also have good fried chicken and pork chops.  Next time!


  1. McCoy's is owned by the same people behind Neva's, another popular pizza place in town.

  2. Finally tried the fried chicken. Being a huge fan of KFC and Shakey's chicken and mojos, McCoy's chicken is a notch better! Much less oily and not too salty like the other two. I went back twice in a few days and even took out one order consecutively. Couldn't get enough.