Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Cardboard Dollhouse

Old shoe boxes made for a fun-filled morning for Elise and her friend, A, who both wanted to make a dollhouse.  They taped the two boxes together, wrapped them in white paper, and divided the first and second floors with flat cardboard.

The back of the house was painted by A.


 Her little brother, M, wanted to paint too!


And the other side was painted by Elise. 

Each room had a different color.  A little oven was made from a small box, and a refrigerator was made from a medicine syrup box.  They wanted to get some fabric to stick to the walls for wallpaper, but we were not prepared.  Floors can be designed like tiles or wooden planks.  Stickers could also decorate the walls like posters.  Aluminum foil could be framed like mirrors. 

They were all quite tired after two hours of intense work.  Okay, time for some snacks! 

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