Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Grilled Squid at Nagtabon Beach

Above is a picture of one kilo of squid that was wrapped in foil and grilled over charcoal with no salt, nor pepper or any other seasoning --- just freshly caught from the sea a couple of hours ago.   Maybe the sea breeze blew the flavor of the sea to the squid.  It was cooked before we could tire frolicking in the waves. 

The best time to go to Nagtabon Beach is around March to September.  Otherwise, the waves get really wild and sweep you back and forth the shore, leaving you with little control.

If you plan to spend considerable time lounging on the sand, rub some insect repellant on yourself, as you might displace some sand mites (niknik) and they leave bite marks that last for weeks.  An effective remedy for itchiness is Calmoseptine (calamine + zinc oxide), which is generally used for diaper rash.  

Oh, but the sand is fine, without any sharp shells and corals.  Occasionally there are small pebbles.  It's the best kind of sand for letting kids make their own creations. 

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