Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We Are Here

One morning this time last year (2009), I typed up about ten pages of a story draft in a frenzy on my office desk.  I revised it daily and let Rene, my sister, my mother, and my Tita Baby read it and criticize it. I even read it aloud to Elise, who was very entertained, especially because it was mainly about her, Nacho and our family.
That May, we visited Rene here in Puerto Princesa and took a day trip to Starfish Island in Hunda Bay.  We were greeted by several orange starfish on the wet beach.  I remembered my story and felt reassured that planning to move here eventually is the right thing to do.

A few weeks ago (February 2010), on one of our excursions, we took another day trip to Dos Palmas Island.  And at high noon, when Nacho was playing knee-deep in the water, we found it.  We found The Blue Starfish!

Click here to read "Blue and Orange Starfish."  I hope you like it.

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