Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our List of What We Have To Do in Our Lifetime

Elise and I were talking over dinner about how many years we have left with each other if Rene and I live until 80 years old.   We computed another fifty years.  I was trying to make her feel better because she keeps on talking about her fear of being left behind after everyone else dies. She asked me to promise her that when I die, I must tell God to immediately please take her, Nacho and our relatives who are still alive in their sleep right after so we can all be together.

The four of us made a list of all the things that we have to do together while the four of us are still alive.

1.  Travel to China, U.S.A., Japan, Australia, France, Rome, Mexico, Prague
2.  Put up a restaurant.
3.  Go to a forest and camp out with fires, tents, and eat fried eggs from a bird's nest (seriously?)
4.  Write eleven books about: Palawan, new (original) fairy tales, horror stories.
5.  Ride a helicopter.
6.  Do the Disneyland-Universal Studios-Epcot Center thing.
7.  Sail a boat.
8.  Live in three other different countries.
9.  Visit waterfalls.
10.  Visit lighthouses.

11.  Little Nacho wants to find buried treasure... at the beach... using his Adventure Set.

Kinda morbid, isn't it?  I have to figure out how to console Elise some more. Maybe find a simple way to explain the afterlife? 

This is Our List for now, but will add on to it occasionally and meanwhile try to schedule everything in the next fifty years.

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