Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home Soon

Our lot/house search is not moving quite as fast as we had hoped.

We viewed a 300 square meter lot but it was too rectangular and looked like a very long driveway in the middle of sineguelas and bamboo trees.   We looked next door and saw the adjacent lot which had a huge and friendly-looking tree in the middle, perfect for a tree house.  But it was not for sale.

Another 200 square meter house with another 200 square meters of garden space on an eskinita off a main road, steps away from the town church, was too expensive.  The flooring of the house was also not level because the soil underneath was rising. Yikes.

The newspaper published some foreclosed properties but when we asked about them, we were told that they were already bought before they were even published.  There is another property along the main road: a house with a blue roof and a garage.  But we don't know yet if that is for sale.

We will look at another vacant lot right beside the hotel this week -- 600 square meters of trees.... right in front of the guard-house of the hotel.  Convenient!  I hope this is the one where we build our new home.

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