Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vacation in the City

For someone who grew up in Manila amidst the rising of the malls since SM North Edsa, had SM Megamall, Robinsons Galleria and Shangrila Plaza a walking distance away, I was awed by my recent mall trips a week ago. I wanted to go into every store, look at all the new things, and taste all the interesting food.  Even the supermarket excited me and I got a high from reading labels and just marveling at all the choices!  I truly turned into a promdi.

We spent an afternoon in SM Megamall and got the kids some clothes and shoes.

We dropped by their favorite ice cream shop: Thumbs Up!, where they got small portions of their favorite flavors!  No sugar high after!

Enjoyed Polly's chocolate cake twice during the trip, where it was the perfect ending of two very special birthday dinners.  What a coincidence. It IS The Best Chocolate Cake EVER.



A highlight of the trip was when the kids went to Eastwood City with their cousins.

We watched Despicable Me,

had a burger lunch at Stackers,

and went bungee jumping.  


We carefully watched everyone else who tried it.  The kids went twice. The first one scared them, leaving them stiff and almost throwing up. But they pleaded for a second one, and this time, they just let go and had fun.

Can you find Nacho among the branches? 

Here is little cousin Nina, who was the bravest of them all.

Finished the afternoon off with some yoghurt in Dash, a cozy toy shop.

Most of our time was spent talking and spending time together with family, which is why visited in the first place.  Even got to visit Papa more than once.

Now, everything is the other way around.  I used to escape the bright city life and travel to the seaside every few months.  Now, I live by the sea, and go off to the city once every few months.

We are back to the reality of studying with Elise and Nacho, going on our final stretch of house hunting, and gearing up our entrepreneurial spirit for the upcoming holidays.

After catching up on some much-needed rest when we got back, we ran straight to the beach!

And played once more.

And peacefully ended the day. 

Been back and forth for nine months, and it looks like this is Home Sweet Home.

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