Friday, September 3, 2010

Five-Day Manila List

Seven days to go before we fly to Manila to spend quality time with family, whom we miss so much.  It's also a rare time for us to do things we miss and go to places we miss and eat the stuff we miss...... so I figured we have to make a list to maximize our five days!

In no particular order, here is a random list I came up with: 

1.   Celebrate Tita Lisa's, Tito Chito's, little Mela's and my Mama's birthdays. This means lunches or dinners or just simply quality time.

2.  Spend time with the babies: 3yr old Mela, 2 yr old Bea, 1 yr old Ina, and little 9mo. old Jacob!

3.  Cook a healthy dinner for my beloved mother.

   Been a while since I last whipped up something and if time permits, bake some squash bread! 

4.  Go to a mall and get some oil control film.

6.  Watch a movie in a movie house.  This is what we REALLY MISS DOING.

            I hope Despicable Me will still be showing when we get there.

7.  Visit Powerbooks or Fully Booked.

8.  Bring Nacho to his beloved Gymboree.

9.  Let Elise climb, slide and enjoy the rides in Fun Ranch.

10.  Try to resurrect my Sony Ericsson phone of two years.  It just did not turn on one day.  I take most of my photos with this phone's 5 megapixel camera to document our evolving life here.  It reads documents and spreadsheets, and the WiFi feature is very handy for me, who needs to connect with the world outside the island... I can listen to the radio and my play lists and.....aaaargh! If it is truly dead, I will be heartbroken.

11.  Get some Li'l Hands washable markers, lots of them!  The ink on ours is running out, and am already throwing them out one by one. 

12.  And of course, visit Papa's grave and say hello as often as I can while we are there...

Cannot wait to go home to our loved ones as we sleep in and brunch, play Nintendo Wii, sing our vocal chords out on videoke marathons and enjoy comforting home-cooked meals. 

Countdown starts today!

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