Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekday Morning Grind

We start each school day by checking the water in the car radiator, just in case, since the days are burning hot.

On some days, we make a quick stop at the gas station.  Here is where buses stop on the way to the city proper, to load gas.   Mamang sorbetero (ice cream man) makes a killing. 

This is also where I get palpitations as gas prices are sky high, approximately P10 more than the ones in Manila. 

Sometimes Elise needs some cartolina or manila paper for a school project, or we just need to replenish our supply of Sunkist juice boxes (or "quick lamig" packs, which are better!).  The neighborhood grocery store has almost everything.  

Pablico Rd. 1 is where we turn right.

A few meters later, we are greeted by the familiar sights of some domestic animals that were left to wander along the small roads.

A full-grown white and brown goat feeding on leaves from the bamboo fence...

A skinny horse taking a break...

A full grown pig basking in the hot sun...

Here comes the parade of black chickens crossing the street everyday at exactly 9:45A.M.

Just before the final left turn to the street of the school, neatly lined mango trees dot the corner lot.

To the right, a lonesome carabao (water buffalo) grazes on the long grass. 

 The bumpy ride ends and we turn into the parking lot of the school, where Elise gets off and walks to her Grade 2 classroom.  I bring Nacho to his Nursery class where he stays for two hours.

And I patiently wait outside his classroom, just in case he needs me, savoring precious alone-time. 

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  1. Yes, the gas price is quite high. Maybe its because, it cost more to ship to Palawan.