Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One Month of Sad and Happy Events

Kids and I are settling down again here in Puerto Princesa after spending a month in a daze. 

Papa passed away last May 25 and we were in Manila for a couple of weeks.

Then Mama, my brother, sister, aunt, cousin, sister-in-law and nieces decided to visit Palawan when we went back.  This was the first time we all spent time with each other in decades!  But Elise's school already began! , Here is a picture of her in her school uniform.  Her skirt was too long and I didn't get to have it shortened till after another week.

She was attending classes on most days while the others went on city tours and explored Puerto Princesa.  We all wished that Elise was homeschooling this year instead of her attending regular school, with all the back and forth trips.  But of course, she missed a few days when we all went on a four day trip to El Nido.  We spent precious time with each other, mostly while aboard outrigger boats and lounging on secluded islands.  This is one of my favorite pictures of the El Nido taken by Rene.

The kids and I had a previously scheduled trip to Manila so when the day arrived, my family went back to Manila as well. After the short visit, the kids and I returned home by ourselves to Puerto because Elise needed to attend school.  I cut three inches off her skirts, she got caught up with her missed lessons, and a few days later, we all flew back for an all too-short weekend for Papa's 40th Day.


and forth...

So, these days, our routine has gone back to normal.  Elise is in school for half a day everyday while I am homeschooling Nacho.  As he naps and plays by himself, I am quickly getting my groove back in between washing and ironing school uniforms, preparing lunch boxes, going back to writing, figuring out this family relocation business, and trying to accept the passing of my beloved father.

All these details that have to done sometimes gets mixed up in life's big heartaches and pressing dreams.  But life goes on, regardless if you follow your plan or not, whether you make your bed or not, whether you are nice to people around you or not. And it certainly will not wait for you to realize things.   And in whatever you do, you either nudge or drag everyone else connected to you.

But I learned that if I look at life anticipating happiness, then yes, life will be happy.

My list of Things To Do is now full with big and small projects.  I think I am BACK.

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  1. hi, d ba po ang Puerto Princesa....tnx for sharing