Sunday, March 16, 2014

Destination: Palawan!

So, we've been gone for ten months.  

We had one major project before we left- we brought Trumpets Musical Theater to Palawan.  45 students signed up for a two-week workshop filled with learning theater techniques through play.  We even had 3 students who were sponsored by generous hearts from Manila!  A few days after the recital, we left for Manila.  

It was a work assignment that brought R back to the city, and of course, we went with him.   Despite our resistance, it was the best thing that could have happened when it did because we needed to be there for our family during the one time that we were needed the most, ever.  

We lived out of a few suitcases, knowing that we'd go back to get more of our things if we ended up relocating again.  Kids became restless.  Our dream life haunted us.  We were growing older way too fast and time was running out to make it happen. 

Patiently, we waited.  We kept nurturing our dream, one step at a time.  We percolated our ideas and expanded our network.  Then - we took a deep breath - took several deep breaths, clasped our hands and hearts together as one family, and got ready to free fall into the beautiful and bright abyss that would embrace us and launch us back into the bright sky, past the clouds towards the sun!!!! 

In other words, we decided to go back to Puerto Princesa. 

Amidst the house and car maintenance, settling back into our homeschooling routine, reconnecting with good friends, the universe is converging... Our prayers are being answered so generously, beyond our expectations and hope!  

Soon, we will really Be Home again. 

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