Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sugar Cane Juice

Driving down one of the roads in Barangay San Pedro brought us to this small nipa shack that sells refreshing sugar cane or tubo juice.  We just had to stop and try it. 

The fresh tubo were piled up and ready for juicing.  The light green sticks reminded me of the sugar cane carts that used to pass by our house in Quezon City.  My mom would get us a stick each and we would chew on them to extract the juice. 

The lady with plastic food safe gloves (one point!) pushed the stick into the machine and turned it on.  The stainless steel machine pressed the sticks and efficiently juiced them out.  

While waiting, they had some information posted for the customers to read.  Lots of health benefits from sugarcane juice! 

Two sugar cane sticks yielded this 12oz cup of juice.  Poured over ice and some calamansi extract, it was the perfect break during a hot day!  I suddenly remembered that in the fruit area of Virra Mall and Shoppesville at the old Greenhills Shopping Center, there was a sugarcane juice stand too.  But their juice did not have the zesty calamansi flavor added to it.

 Since then, I've never passed that shack without stopping for some.  Fresh, every time!  

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