Saturday, November 26, 2011

Back and Forth, Again and Again

The year is ending and we've gone back and forth Manila several times.  It's just a one-hour flight from Puerto to Manila, and we just have to be at the Puerto Princesa Airport an hour before take off. So, it takes two hours, which is pretty much the travel time when stuck in traffic in Manila.  With the plane fare promos, the cost is sometimes just like taking a road trip to Batangas. 

Nacho said,"Let's tell everybody to move here." We miss our families so!

And Rene and I are supplementing a lot to make sure they're learning as much as the other kids in the city.

But we don't want to move back (just yet).  The kids still need their wide open spaces, critters in the garden, grand sunrises and freezing cold waterfalls.   It's our gift to them, this wild weekend adventure-filled childhood ride. 

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