Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Favorite Chinese Restaurant in Palawan

In mid-December last year (2009), our family was invited to Ong's Maki House on Rizal Avenue.  I was so excited to finally try it.

A few months ago, when the kids and I were still in Manila, Rene called me on my mobile phone to tell us the good news that absolutely could not wait. He just had a very delicious dinner at an authentic Chinese restaurant! It was a chance he took when he took a a Chinese friend who was craving for authentic Chinese cuisine, and none of the commonplace flavors.  No MSG please.

The tiled floor, the red Chinese lanterns, paper umbrellas in different colors, and the sponsored signages felt vaguely familiar, like we were in one of those sidewalk Hong Kong restaurants near the MTR tunnel.  Or we could be in a Chinatown somewhere... anywhere in the world.  I was so excited.

And it did not disappoint.  Hot eel soup warmed our stomachs. Then came the kutchay gyoza.  They let us taste the pork siomai and the giant siopao too. And then we were so lucky to try the chicharong pusit (deep-fried squid).  Ay grabe, it was a winner!  It sort of tasted like Davao's tuna chicharon. And because I LOVE squid so much, it was an early Christmas treat!

Their fish fillet is piled up on a regular sized platter, forming a small mound, for less than P200!  Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, it doesn't become soggy even after being in a styrofoam container on the way to the pot luck party.  The chef knows what temperature to firy his fish in.

And so, we've gone back so frequently since then - almost every month, and this week, thrice! Yes, they have the Yang Chow Fried Rice and all those dishes that make you come back again and again.  But lately, it has become a place for comfort food.

This is the Siopao that Nacho and I can share and have a full lunch.

Super lean Pork Siomai. 

Beef Maki for three people. YUMMMMMMM.

Classic Chicken Noodle Soup that Rene had that was so good that I ordered it the next time.

Squash siopao bread to pair with any soup.

Last week, we brought my brother, his wife and two toddlers, and we waddled out fully satisfied.

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