Friday, May 14, 2010

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away!

We were confined indoors on a very hot morning a few weeks ago.  We could feel the fiery sun and could smell the humidity as we opened the balcony window.  There was nothing to do outside, so we decided to paint some pictures.

It started to get cloudy very slowly, and the smell just became wetter and wetter.   I called the kids to inhale and smell the approaching rain. In about ten minutes, the sky was gray and the drops fell loud and hard.

Nacho, still wearing his painting smock, was hypnotized by it all as he sat under an umbrella.

The rain was so strong and so refreshing that I wanted to go out with him too.

And why not?  The three of us changed into our swimsuits, put on shirts and shorts on top, and with three umbrellas, walked around the beach and the lagoon, jumping on muddy puddles.

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